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With between 25% and 49% of Review Centre reviewers recommending them, Next Kitchens are in our Avoid category. In view of their poor performance, we would advise you to avoid this company.


Next Kitchens are manufactured by Betta Living at their factory in Oldham, UK. Next Kitchens are part of Next stores group.


Next Kitchens offer a complete installation service, using their own installers. Alternatively customers may use their own kitchen fitter team.


Next Kitchens supply and install throughout the UK.


The Review Centre website carries 11 customer reviews for Next Kitchens. The average star rating is 2 (out of a possible maximum of 5) and 36.4% of reviewers would recommend Next Kitchens.

Summaries of three reviews:

1. 'What a disaster. Designer was very aloft and didn't involve us in the planning. No samples of doors, and worktop range was poor. Price quoted was much too high. We never received plans. Don't waste time with this company.'

2. 'Great service from planning through to delivery. Everything done well. We were able to make small changes as we went. The fitters were wonderful lads. Everything left neat and tidy each night.'

3. 'In store experience OK. But pressure selling from Betta Living started, even before the home visit. Insisted on being the last appointment. Caller became a nuisance when told no decision would be taken on the spot. My advice is to avoid them like the plague.'

To view all Next Kitchens reviews at the Review Centre website, please click here.


For the Next Kitchens website please click here. The website contains sections on Why Choose Us, and a Store Locator. There is no information about kitchens on the Next Kitchens website, as Next Kitchens operates essentially as a network of showrooms for Betta Living kitchens.


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