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With between 50% and 74% of Review Centre reviewers recommending them, Kutchenhaus are in our Consider category. We suggest you might want to consider them for your kitchen project.


Kutchenhaus are specialist retailers of German kitchens made by Nobilia, the world's largest manufacturer of kitchens. One in three kitchens in Germany are built by Nobilia. Kutchenhaus were founded at the Trafford Retail Park, Manchester, in 2004. They now operate throughout the UK. The kitchens are solid, pre-built units, not flat-pack.


Kutchenhaus offer a complete installation service, using their approved installers. Alternatively customers may use their own kitchen fitter team.


Kutchenhaus, who have four showrooms, supply and install throughout the UK.


The Review Centre website carries 24 customer reviews for Kutchenhaus. The average star rating is 3.1 (out of a possible maximum of 5) and 58% of reviewers would recommend Kutchenhaus.

Summaries of three reviews:

1. 'Kutchenhaus have supplied me with a fabulous new shiny red kitchen. The design came together exactly as we had imagined, and the quality is really good. A big thanks to the installation team, who were highly professional. Thanks Hull branch.'

2. 'I am thoroughly disappointed with Kutchenhaus. The kitchen is not properly finished after two years. There were problems with low level corner joints. Four replacement panels have been sent, but nobody has come to fit them. It's impossible to get hold of anyone at Kutchenhaus, and their website doesn't have any contact information.'

3. 'The Kutchenhaus quality is way above the other companies we looked at, and we are so glad we spent a bit more and went with them. We are absolutely delighted with our fabulous new kitchen, which has been built into a small awkward space.'

To view all Kutchenhaus reviews at the Review Centre website, please click here.


For the Kutchenhaus website please click here. The website contains sections on Kitchens, Real Prices, Quality, Design, Service, Details, Showrooms and Blog. You can book a free home visit or download a brochure from the website. Ex-Showroom kitchens are available at reduced prices.


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