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With between 25% and 49% of Review Centre reviewers recommending them, Kitchens Now are in our Avoid category. In view of their poor performance, we would advise you to avoid using this company.


Kitchens Now import kitchens from China, using a variety of company names. These include Kitchens Now, Simply Kitchens, Kitchens4Less, and Cheapest Kitchens in the World.


Kitchens Now offer a complete installation service. Alternatively customers may use their own kitchen fitter team.


Kitchens Now supply and install throughout the UK.


The Review Centre website carries 20 customer reviews for Kitchens Now. The average star rating is 1.9 (out of a possible maximum of 5) and 25% of reviewers would recommend Kitchens Now.

Summaries of three reviews:

1. 'Eighteen months after buying my kitchen I am still waiting for things. The units I did get didn't fit together properly. Complete screw packs were missing. Impossible to contact by email or phone. Stay well away.'

2. 'Despite bad reviews we bought a complete kitchen from Kitchens Now and it's fabulous. Solid doors, worktops and handles of good quality, and no cheap units. I would recommend the company to others.'

3. 'This company is constantly ripping people off, operating under so many different names. My doors were damaged, end panels all damaged, missing doors, wrong handles. The police have raided them, they've been on Watchdog and still nothing is being done.'

To view all Kitchens Now reviews at the Review Centre website, please click here.


For the Kitchens Now website please click here. The website contains very little information on the kitchens.


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