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With between 75% and 89% of Review Centre reviewers recommending them, Kitchen Surplus are in our Recommended category. We would happily recommend them to you for your kitchen project.


Kitchen Surplus, based in Gloucester, offers clearance deals mainly on kitchen worktops. It receives surplus consignment stock from major high street multiples and specialist component distributors. The stock is received in the Kitchen Surplus warehouse and is listed online for the public to view. Customers may purchase items online for direct despatch to the customer. All products are new in box, and are quality checked both on arrival and before despatch.


Kitchen Surplus does not offer an installation service. Their website includes guidance for do-it-yourself installation.


Kitchen Surplus supplies throughout the UK.


The Review Centre website carries 19 customer reviews for Kitchen Surplus. The average star rating is 4.6 (out of a possible maximum of 5) and 89.5% of reviewers would recommend Kitchen Surplus.

Summaries of three reviews:

1. 'My order placed at 3.55pm arrived in under 17 hours in pristine condition and with no damage at all. I will place my next worktop order with Kitchen Surplus and I will recommend them to all my customers. Great product and service; I couldn't be happier.'

2. 'I would recommend Kitchen Surplus to anybody. Their worktops are brilliant, of good quality, and fantastic price - half the price of high street shops. My kitchen looks very high class.'

3. 'Customer service was brilliant and the delivery service was excellent. I ordered the wrong worktop and there was no problem exchanging it even though I had had it for four weeks. My friends paid double the price elsewhere.'

To view all Kitchen Surplus reviews at the Review Centre website, please click here.


For the Kitchen Surplus website please click here. The website contains sections on Timber Worktops, Stainless Steel Splashbacks, Glass Splashbacks, Black Splashbacks, Routing Jigs, Router Cutters, Maia Worktops, Stainless Steel Doors, Stainless Steel Drawers, and Stainless Steel Tiles.


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