Cheapest Kitchens in the World Kitchen Reviews: a dreadful supplier

With less than 25% of Review Centre reviewers recommending them, Cheapest Kitchens in the World are in our Dreadful category. In view of their very poor performance, we would strongly advise you to avoid this company.


Cheapest Kitchens in the World import kitchens from China, using a variety of company names, including Kitchens Now, Simply Kitchens, and Kitchens4Less.


It is not clear from their website, which is very uninformative, whether they provide a full installation service.


Cheapest Kitchens in the World supply throughout the UK.


The Review Centre website carries 18 customer reviews for Symphony Kitchens. The average star rating is 1.2 (out of a possible maximum of 5) and only 6% of reviewers would recommend Cheapest Kitchens in the World.

Summaries of three reviews:

1. 'Spent hours on the phone to these people, with phone seldom answered. When the kitchen was delivered a major unit was missing, and we wonder whether it ever will arrive. Trading Standards should take action.'

2. 'Some items were broken, some were wrong, and some were not even on my order. Put on hold for an hour by 'customer services'. Then the line goes dead. I suggest you stay well clear.'

3. 'This company is terrible. They cannot get the order right. Their customer service is rude. Be aware - the company operates under many different names. Do not buy from this company.'

To view all Cheapest Kitchens in the World reviews at the Review Centre website, please click here.


For the Cheapest Kitchens in the World website please click here. The website contains little useful information on their kitchens.


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