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The Kitchen Reviews Index website aims to help customers find the best UK kitchen suppliers, and avoid the worst. Our rankings are based, as described below, on an analysis of more than 4,600 customer reviews of kitchen suppliers published at the Review Centre website. In addition our supplier profiles contain information obtained from the suppliers through their websites and directly. Kitchen Reviews Index is edited by Dr Alex Reid, formerly director general of the Royal Institute of British Architects.


First, we identify those kitchen suppliers who have at least ten customer reviews at Review Centre. We think this gives a reasonable minimum basis for rating. We then rank these suppliers by the percentage of reviewers who would recommend them, and divide them into the following categories:

- Highly Recommended. Recommended by more than 90% of reviewers.

- Recommended. Recommended by between 75% and 89% of reviewers.

- Consider. Recommended by between 50% and 74% of reviewers.

- Avoid. Recommended by between 25% and 49% of reviewers.

- Dreadful. Recommended by less than 25% of reviewers.

The ratings are based on data collected in January 2014.


We write profiles on the suppliers in the recommended categories. These cover the area of operation of the supplier, and whether they install kitchens as well as supplying them. We also provide links to the supplier's website, and to the page at Review Centre containing the supplier's reviews.


Our analysis of the customer reviews has shown that buying a kitchen is a dangerous minefield. Specifically, we have found:

- Huge variations in reputation. The percentage of reviewers recommending suppliers varies from 100% for the best suppliers to a low of 1.2% for the worst.

- The best known are not the best. Shockingly, some of the best known names fall into the 'Avoid' and 'Dreadful' categories. Reviewers speak of high pressure sales methods, sloppy installation, and poor after care. Also the best known names need to recover through their pricing their heavy costs of TV and press advertising.

- The best are difficult to find. Many of the best rated suppliers are small or regional, and they tend not to spend on TV or press advertising. This makes them difficult to find.


Our aim is to help you find the best and avoid the worst. As a first step we suggest you click on the 'Highly Recommended' blue button to the left. Read the general description of the suppliers in this top category, all of whom were recommended by at least 90% of reviewers. Then click on the individual suppliers to get more information about them.

We suggest you repeat this process with the 'Recommended' category, all of whom were recommended by at least 75% of reviewers. You might also like to visit the 'Consider' category. These are suppliers who were recommended by between 50% and 74% of reviewers.

We would advise you to steer clear of the suppliers in the 'Avoid' and 'Dreadful' categories, although you might want to scan these lists to see whom to avoid.


Please share your own customer experience of kitchen suppliers by visiting the Review Centre website and contributing a review.


Extonet Ltd, based in Cambridge UK, publishes informational websites mostly in the field of construction and home improvement. In addition to the Kitchen Reviews Index website, these include www.construction-index.com, www.archinet.co.uk, and www.bestarchitects.co.uk. We would be very happy to hear from you if you have any comments on this website, or suggestions for how it could be improved. The editor's contact details are:

Alex Reid
Extonet Ltd
27 Millington Road
Cambridge CB3 9HW

Tel: 01223 319733
Email: aalreid followed by @ followed by gmail.com.


Publisher: The Kitchen Reviews Index website is published by Extonet Ltd, a publisher of informational websites based in Cambridge UK. The website is entirely independent; no payment is received from suppliers who are included. The only source of income is Google Adsense advertisements.


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