Kitchen Suppliers: Alphabetical List

We list below UK kitchen suppliers who have at least ten customer reviews at the Review Centre website. They are assigned to five categories, dependent on the percentage of reviewers who would recommend them. The five categories are:

- Highly Recommended. Recommended by more than 90% of reviewers.

- Recommended. Recommended by between 75% and 89% of reviewers.

- Consider. Recommended by between 50% and 74% of reviewers.

- Avoid. Recommended by between 25% and 49% of reviewers.

- Dreadful. Recommended by less than 25% of reviewers.

Avanti. Consider.

Barras Home Improvements. Highly Recommended.

Betta Living. Recommended.

Cheapest Kitchens in the World. Dreadful.

Complete Fitted Kitchens Altrincham. Consider.

Direct Online Kitchens. Highly Recommended.

Homebase Kitchens. Avoid.

Howdens Kitchens. Dreadful.

Ikea. Avoid.

Infinity Kitchen Designs. Highly Recommended.

In-toto Kitchens. Consider.

John Lewis. Dreadful.

KBBC Kitchens. Highly Recommended.

Kitchen Emporium. Recommended.

Kitchen Surplus. Recommended.

Kitchens Now. Avoid.

Kitchens UK. Highly Recommended.

Kutchenhaus Kitchens. Consider.

Lifestyle Kitchens. Recommended.

LWK Kitchens. Highly Recommended.

Magnet. Avoid.

Mastercraft Kitchens. Highly Recommended.

National Kitchens. Highly Recommended.

Next Kitchens. Avoid.

Optiplan. Highly Recommended.

Sigma 3 Fitted Kitchens. Recommended.

Symphony Kitchens. Dreadful.

Wickes Kitchens. Avoid.

Wren Kitchens. Consider.


Publisher: The Kitchen Reviews Index website is published by Extonet Ltd, a publisher of informational websites based in Cambridge UK. The website is entirely independent; no payment is received from suppliers who are included. The only source of income is Google Adsense advertisements.


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